Estate Sales

At a Georgia Jobes’ estate sale, you will notice that the client’s possessions are well displayed and highlighted in a way to bring in the highest revenue for clients.

The team members working at a Georgia Jobes’ estate sale are second to none, with a variety of backgrounds and expertise. Georiga Jobes Appraisals and Estate Sales is a well-established, professional company with the highest level of integrity that can assist you with your tangible asset management.



Bonded and Insured

Georgia Jobes Estate Sales strives to ensure your Estate Sale is tailored to meet your needs. Whether you are liquidating personal property due to the loss of a loved one, divorce, relocation, moving, downsizing or wanting a change in decor we can help. Disposing of possessions can often be a daunting and overwhelming task. Our compassionate and caring team can afford you with peace of mind during this challenging time.


Contents of the sale are staged, merchandised, researched, and priced at Fair Market Value to attain the best possible financial outcome. Our targeted advertising & marketing program attracts buyers, decorators, dealers & collectors!


Georgia Jobes Estate Sales works hard to sell your items. We are all part of the team because we love this work, not because we have to do it. Our company is family owned and operated and we consider our customers part of our extended family.


  • Exceptional Returns for Your Whole or Partial Estate or Consignment
  • Concierge services available for cleaning, moving, packing and charitable donations
  • Fees negotiated based upon size, preparation time, and condition of the estate
  • Consignment services for smaller/partial estates
  • Brokerage services available
  • Estate Sale Consultation and pricing